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It's almost 6 in the morning... Haven't gone to bed yet, and I can't sleep. Crying 
This is the hardest time I have had in years....Waaaah! 
 I just wish the harrassment would stop. I want to feel safe. I want to be happy, Is it selfish of me to ask for such things? :-? (Confused) 
Just Smile by twiggy248
Just Smile
I think it's really important to always keep a positive attitude, and keep on smiling. Even when things are rough. Even when you are going through something awful. Because at the end of the day, you only have one life, and why anyone would waste that letting others bring them down, is beyond me. 
Just Smile by twiggy248
Just Smile
I think it's really important to always keep a positive attitude, and keep on smiling. Even when things are rough. Even when you are going through something awful. Because at the end of the day, you only have one life, and why anyone would waste that letting others bring them down, is beyond me. 
I thought I knew, but I never did
I thought what I'd felt was true
But now, I don't think that it was

I'm not saying that it didn't matter,
just saying that it isn't the same

Of course with every relationship comes pain

But I never knew the way it could be
Never thought it was something to come easy

Of course effort creates strength and a good base
But that's in the actions, and small annoyances

The feelings are with no effort, completely at ease

Love is more like a constant summer breeze,
a warm feeling that reaches from the top of you all the through,
all the way down to your feet and into your toes

And when it does happen to thunder, you feel the rain all around you,
soaking your hair, your clothes, and your shoes
but somehow you are still touched by the warmth of the sun

It's incredible to think that you can be so mad, so hurt,
that you just want to scream at him to leave
but even if you tried you couldn't mean that

Because this time around you even though you know
that you are upset, you also know that it's not like before
Not everything is as big of a deal as you feel in those short few minutes

In the big scheme of things, you love him,
with every part of yourself, and at the end of the day
all you want is the lay next to him, and have sweet dreams

And you do, because he's in most of them,
dancing with you, and kissing you,
or sometimes just smiling and looking into your eyes

And most of those dreams are inspired by the way he is with you in real life

The way that you'd give anything just to see his smile,
but you don't have to do that, you just have to look at him

The way that he can always make you laugh when all you want to do is cry

The way that no matter how hard you try to keep your walls up,
and not tell him what you are going though he always somehow ends up
locked inside of those walls with you
And he comforts you no matter how bad what you share with him is

His kiss and his love is truly a cure all

And his support lifts you so high that you don't need to reach for the stars
because they are already there falling into your arms

It's the way you never judge each other,
and the butterflies you still get when he caresses your cheek,

The love you feel and see in his eyes right before he kisses you on the forehead

It's the way that you wake up scared to death every morning,
because no body should be that happy to wake up next to someone

Let's face it, you are scared to death all the time,
because you've never felt this before and just knowing
that you truly love and care for someone so much is alarming

The way you accept his faults, and his past, the way you struggle
with him, because he deserves the world and more

The fact that you know your eyes gleam with happiness when you think of him

It's the way you can just lay in bed all day watching Netflix,
and it's the best experience

It's the way you look over and smile at him when he's asleep and kiss his cheek
or when he whispers that he loves you, while you are deep in slumber

All I know is that it's so different to just be happy, and so hard to believe
that someone actually is in love with me, but also knowing there is nothing
that can beat this feeling, and knowing there is no denying that he means  it,
because no one can fake that look he gets in his eyes when he says you are beautiful and that he loves you.

All I know is that this love, with him, is definitely true.


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United States
I'm alive, I exist, what more is there to be said? My story doesn't matter, my background doesn't matter, who I am doesn't matter. Hopefully maybe my creations will matter to somebody but if not, oh well, they matter to me and that's all that really matters.

Haha (: did you enjoy my excessive use of the word matter? Kind of makes it sound like it's not a word anymore huh? Funny how things that are used start to seem like they don't matter !!
So I'm getting a tattoo next week, my first. I have two questions on the topic.

I know what I want, but I'm not 100% on the design yet... first question is, would anybody be willing to design one for me? I want a sunflower and the words "You can grow flowers from where dirt used to be" I'd like the flower to look realistic. It's in remembrance of my grandpa so please don't design for inappropriate places, my options of places is anywhere that can be hidden.

I have been having a hard time in my life lately, but have been free of self-harm for a long while now, which brings me to my second question: is it bad that I'm more excited for the pain of the tattoo than the actual end result ??
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thank you kindly for the fav. I'm glad you found my work worth your time :tighthug:
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Just wanted to thank you for the fave!

Also, since I'm currently focusing on music, I was wondering if you'd be interested in supporting me in that endeavor of mine?

If you are, I can link you to where you can find that stuff!
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You are certainly welcome !! I only favorite good work so great job !! (:

And sure! you can send me a link and I'll be sure check it out ! 
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Let me know what you think :)
twiggy248 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2015  Hobbyist
I'm sorry it has taken me SO long to get back to you. I'm not too active on here these days.

I will be honest, it's not really my choice style of music, But it's good ! (: 
If it's something you enjoy and it makes you happy, I say definitely stick with it. Music can be very powerful. 
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